IT Management Simplified.

A reliable team that can support all of your technical needs.

In this technological age, enterprises are expected to keep up with and accept new technologies in order to grow as a company. The management and time resources spent to research and implement these technologies will slow the pace of any business advancement.

BizGear Solution has the solutions for you.  With an arsenal of technologies and services, we can help maintain the services you need to keep your business up and running. You can focus on your core business growth while we focus on managing your technological needs. We can ensure that all of your company's technology-related equipment and services are functioning properly, and constantly introduce new technologies to enhance your company's business efficiency and give your company a higher competitive advantage in the industry.


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IT Procurement

We could get the best price for our clients.

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Cabling Service

Our cabling service contains quality production and installation of reliable wiring solution.

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Device installation, adjustment, maintenance, and training

We provide services for device installation, adjustment, training, and maintenance

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Device & Remote Network Management

We can monitor our client's devices, and manage them remotely to make sure every single device works normally. We can also monitor your network status to ensure everything is running smoothly

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IT Disaster Recovery

An effective business continuity plan which could protect your business from any unexpected interrupt.

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Help Desk

We provide help desk service for client when they have any IT problems.

Expert Technical Team

A team with expert management and advanced technologies

Reliable IT Services

Reliable IT Services for installation, adjustment, monitoring, maintenance, and training

Matured IT Solutions

Experienced managed IT solution for various of systems and devices


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Managed Applications and Servers

We provide applications to help our clients manage their company and daily operation, such as Email services, Odoo (For OA, Purchase-sale-stock management, CRM, and contract management, etc.), and Evernote (For Document management).

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Rental Management Offering

Our rental management solution provides full features for rental business operation. It is combined with our secure and efficient cloud service.

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Private Cloud

Our private cloud is designed for client's applications to run in a safe and reliable cloud environment. Clients can use their data and application at any place by using our network.

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Hybrid Cloud

Our hybrid cloud can satisfy any complex business requirements based on our different type of computing infrastructure.

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Business Internet

We help provide stable and high speed internet to our clients for their enterprises operations.

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the integrated phone system for voice communication and multimedia through the internet. We provide the ability to use VoIP for voice, video chat, web conference, notifications, mobile, and instant messaging.

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Video Conference System

We provide a reliable face-to-face meeting system which can save time, money, and increase working efficiency.

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Video Monitoring System

We can provide a video monitoring system that can protect your business and monitor all activities in a secure professional manner.

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Employee Attendance Record System

Employee attendance record system will help your company manage your employee attendance and increase productivity.

Our References

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Dionamix Scientific Inc. is a new company with more than 10 years experience in chemical analytical instruments. We helped them successfully launch their cloud erp

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Rittun (Suzhou) Precision Measurement System Co., Ltd. is an international analytical instrument company. We helped them successfully launch their cloud erp

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Ying Ke Investment was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. We designed the website for them and provide hosting service

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LIXiaoyu is purchasing website. We designed the site, implemented all the ecommerce componets with customization service and hosting service