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Customer testimonial


“We are very happy with the Bizgear’s solutions because they had provided great services and supports to enable achieving good productivity and revenues.”

Project Background

Dionamix Scientific Inc.  is a new company with more than 10 years experience in chemical analytical instruments including; HPLC, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Diode Array Detector, Autosampler and Chromatography Workstation Analytical Software. It has many customers all over the world.  

In the pass, all the data were kept and maintained by Excel files. The data management was time consuming, unsecured, poor data integrity and protections.  With its business growing, our clients business operations were affected by this manual data management processes and created logistic bottleneck, slow response time, unhappy customers, and resulted in losing of revenues and business opportunities.   Moreover,it turned out to be huge workloads on every employee and specially for the management team. 

As the company having more and more products and components added to the inventory, the productivity and efficiency of daily operation needs to be addressed in order to maintain business operations.   Therefore, this company was looking for different data management solution to tackle the increasing business demands and to maintain competitiveness.  

Bizgear Solution

After our discovery meeting with key stakeholders at Dionamix, we have determined the following success criteria .


·  Meeting the objectives as outlined in the business case, charter, and/or statement of work

·  Delivering the defined scope on time, within budget, and with an acceptable degree of quality resulting in minimal defects after cutover

·  High levels of user adoption 

·  Sustained stakeholder satisfaction 

Our Overall Project Plan

Furthermore, we had provided no-charged consultation to analyze their requirements, Bizgear software service team worked with Dionamix diligently and effectively to formulate the Three-Phase Implementation Plan as described below:

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Phase 1: Core Business run in cloud software


In this phase, the Inventory, Manufacturing and Purchase were implemented.  With our professional experience, we were able to provide innovative insights and functionalities in meeting various core business operation requirements. 


All the product and components are keep in stock management. The Purchase, Manufacturing and Inventory are connected in one system and all work perfect. Traditional manually data sheets are replaced by well designed system.

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Phase 2: Support Business run in cloud software


In this phase, the CRM, Sale, Expense, and other modules were implemented in stages to ensure that system deployment and initial performance were meeting the defined benchmarks.  Our team worked closely to our clients to provide the smooth transitions while maintaining system operation efficiently.


By launching more apps with customization implementation, the CRM, Sales, Project Management and Expense are running together with Phase 1 business implementation. 

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Phase 3: Future Adapting, Integrations, and Optimizations

Our solution was designed with the framework that offers flexible options for future expansion, and enhancements. Our Innovative software architectures provide option to scale up with API and other plugins for Dionmaix when they decide to develop new features and functionalities for helping their customer to manage and maintain equipment data.  

With great integration and adapting capability, the ERP system will continue grow and move into the direction of our customer’s business heading. We will work with our customer together to evolve our cloud offering. 

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Solution Highlight


- Incremental and adaptable implementation procedure

- Imported more than 2, 000+ products and components

- Configured 300 multi-level BoMs in manufacturing

- Low latency and high performance optimized by global data centers

- Production and Testing envrionments run side by side

- Cloud database automatic backup

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Key Benefits


- Purchase, Sales, Inventory unified closed-loop management and control

- Clearly defined warehouse management, procurement and production links

- Rich applications meet the needs of comprehensive operations

- Enterprise operational data is safe and reliable: data backup and recovery

- Reduced staffing requirements, combined reduction in personnel work

- Business owners know the business operations data

- Achieve on-demand procurement and inventory operation of specific products

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