Disaster Recovery

a recovery service for when times are dire 

In the current competitive market, any enterprise cannot sustain even a few seconds of downtime. Just a few seconds can result in lost revenue, missed opportunities and many angered customers. The possibly damages and economic loss can be unimaginable when a companies entire system is crippled and paralyzed.

This is the reason why we created a Disaster Recovery service for our clients. We want our clients to feel safe using our services and to be worry free. Customers should never have to worry about system failures or flaws affecting the company. Our disaster recovery service preempts such issues by setting a series of system recovery measures beforehand to ensure the company's system is functioning properly.

IT Business Continuity Plan

A plan to ensure your business is protected during a disaster.

Flexible Data Capture

All angles and time frame data back up to provide numerous bootable recovery options.


Strong Encryption module to keep your data safe during backup and storage.

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