Video Monitoring System

Eagle eye watching you


Video Monitoring System

One type of shield for business security

For a business, safety and security is a top priority. To help our customers protect their asset, a variety of cameras are installed, and connect to the video monitoring system in the secure central station to minimize business risk.

Our video monitoring system not only includes several types of cameras, but also has the ability to record and review all of video, detect suspicious human face without so much cost. Moreover, our clients could check your video at any devices remotely, such as PCs, desktops, and mobile devices.


Omnidirectional Monitoring

Nowhere to escape

Never sleeps

24/7 monitoring

Records activities 24/7

Strong evidence for the incidents

Human face detection

Powerful object-class detection with deep learning

Save money

Less cost by our integrated solution

Monitoring remotely

Real-time remote monitoring

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