No just phone call

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice communication and multimedia 

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a integrated technology for the voice communication and multimedia conference by using internet protocol (IP) networks.

Our VoIP solution provides traditional phone features such as call waiting, voicemail, and caller ID. We also have some advanced technical features such as voicemail to email, DID forwarding, 3-ways calling, recordings, caller ID filtering, callback, calling queues, and music on hold to help business manage calls more efficiently.


Phone call

Traditional basic feature

Voice mail

No voice missing

Caller ID

Knowing who are calling from

Voicemail to email

Efficient business management

DID forwarding

Easy to forward between different people

3-way calling

Multiple phone conference


Recording for the business works

Caller ID filtering

Avoid unexpected phone call


Easy to reply people

Calling queues

No call missing, help company get every single call one by one

Music on hold

Playing recorded music to fill the silence during phone on hold

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